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2 Years of Bargate Design / Self Employment!

2 Years of Bargate Design / Self Employment!

Monday marks two years of working for myself under Bargate Design Ltd! In the last year I moved to a 3.5 / 4 day week, mostly having Tuesday off with my son and a cheeky early finish on a Friday afternoon collecting him from the childminders.

With working the 4 day week I’ve referred multiple projects to other local Engineering firms where better suited to the type of project or to ensure enquiring clients timescales are met. Not taking on everything that hits my inbox has meant much less “out of hours” work and a much better balance with life.

However, I’ve still smashed 160 projects this year with only a 4% reduction in turnover from a full working week the previous year. I’ve also invested in myself attending numerous ISTRUCTE and SCI courses over the year.

So….… thanks once again to Architects, Fabricators, Contractors and Homeowners who I’ve had the pleasure of working with this last year. Year 3 commence………